With Qvantel .

  • Most ambitious BSS transformation project
  • Providing Project Management Services
  • Providing Solutioning Professionals for Billing, Finance, Product Catalog, Systems Integration
  • Providing Systems Configuration Services

Core Services

  • Project Management
  • Solutioning
  • Configurations

With EVAM.

EVAM enables businesses to process all data and events in real time and take action to increase sales, reduce risks and reduce costs.

Enterprises use EVAM to listen to the real time events and build Campaigns and convert events into business value Targeting Various Banks and Operators.

Core Services

  • Sales Partners
  • Operations
  • Support

With PiA & Intellica.

PiA / Intellica provides Telecom SI Services in the area of BSS/OSS and Big Data and Streaming Analytics.

Providing professional services such as software product/application development, project management, domain expert consultants, and testers.

Core Services

  • Domain Experts & Consultants
  • Software Delivery
  • Testing & Support

With Telenity.

  • Mobily chooses Telenity for BSS Solutions
  • Providing resources for IT Operations Resources for L1, L2 and DevOps
  • Complete on-boarding process for resources

Core Services

  • Outsourcing
  • HR Services
  • Resource Provider